hey!im chantel and this is my everyday story .I will be updating my blog once in a while so please just relate and enjoy because its going to be one bumpy and extra awesome ride*xoxo*

The honeymoon phase 2

Remember when Tebogo used to call all the time to check how I was doing or wanted to see me .Yep!After 3 months of being with Tebogo I guess now I was starting to be a bore .He didn’t want a girl who understood him anymore, he all of a sudden wanted to be “alone”.I had some time to observe what kind of person Tebogo was ,what he wanted and did not want ,how to cheer him on and which buttons to not push .i had realized that some things really can’t keep a man ,you can never say you know a person and if you are a woman and respected yourself you would pack your bags the moment a man starts acting like you have to beg them to be with them .In short there was no point of me trying to prove to Tebogo that I was the love of his life.

I would call Tebogo all the time to a point where I felt like I was bothering him ,Ke mo tsenya mo status to make myself feel better and I never wanted to assume that he would try cheating on me as everytime someone asked me who I was dating and e be ke re Tebogo ,they would have this reaction that made me wonder gore a Tebogo ke waaka ke le nosi or the whole city as feed off my man or your man is my man and my man is your man as the girls would say .Bathong kana mo ke sin city gatwe Gaborone Mogurl o tshabe.I was no longer grateful ,Everyday was a crying session for me ,I would go through out old texts where he told me I was the one and that he loves me all the time and the hardest part was seeing his pictures

Then one day I decided to call him because I needed an explanation to why he was acting the way he did as I have never wronged him before and I thought I was doing everything right

Phones rings….

“Hey baby” I said to Tebogo smiling .Dineo baby ke mang yaanong ?akere I told you gore I want us to break up ,I don’t want you anymore ,you are not what I want ,yes we had the best 3 months of our lives according to you but to me it was all fooling around trying to pass time with an easy target .Bathong kana I am a 27 year old married man and you are only 17 years ,bona I don’t need to be changing your diapers wa utlwa get this in your thick skull ga ke jole le bananyana ,ga ke dumele mo defilement mma wee!!!!

Tebogo then hanged up while I was trying to save our relationship which then brought up the real question of why us women would want to let ourself to be disrespected?is it because we don’t want to be lonely?kana we are Afraid of starting over?.The real truth here is that people change and fa Motho a go batla they will show it and they will keep chasing after you the same way they did before they got you and this applies to both men and women.They would still make sure gore you got a smile on your face ,tlheng roses are red ,violets are blue and if a person does not want you e kile sandton ngwanaetsho .ke gore fela rona basadi re tlhogo tse thata ga re batle go dumela ,re kampa ra kgoboga fela thinking gore the man we fell in love with will come back eventually..haibo re mathata tlhee….shota mogurllllll

Hey I am Janet part 1

It was Janet’s first day at the rehabilitation center and by the looks of it she preferred it more than anything outside the rehab walls where everyone pretends to be okay and faked their lives to be accepted by society .Rehab was Janets safe place ,she did not have to pretend and people there actually understood her pain .

Hello , my name is Janet .A 20 year old who was very Ambitious, determined and long story short my childhood ended right after i turned 10 hence been addicted to drugs ever since .At the age of 10 years old I was physically and mentally abused and imagine the trauma but because i was a child i never spoke up just like all the pain I went through till this very day until i met Michael .”oh Michael” Janet sighed. I lost my mom at the age of 10 years old and I was left with my Sister Abigail who was only 7 years old at that time .After I lost my mom I didn’t lose my way but things turned when I also lost my father who even though was barely there most of my life was still my father.It was April 20th 2017 when I decided I didn’t want to be anymore and my mental health was more than unstable ,all the pain i had bottled up and never talked about was eating me inside.i took a few pills and to the grave I thought I went .

I woke up at the hospital with my grandma crying her tears out as she thought she had lost me and when I looked to the right I saw my friend Maggie who at times did try bringing back the old Janet who was full of life ,who wanted nothing but to live her best life and move to America but that girl died when her parents died .A few weeks later I was discharged and went back to living with my grandma ,life was okay for sometime until I realized I needed something to distract me hence started hanging with the wrong crowd ,taking drugs and more drugs everyday and even lost my beautiful flower to a man with a fancy car .”Anyway that’s all I can share for today” Janet said to everyone.

“Thank you Janet for sharing your story”Ms. Elizabeth replied

The honeymoon phase part 1

“Is it worth it?”Masego asked me ,frowning.

And I cried.

For once in my life I had thought I found my significant other ,someone I considered to be my best friend ,someone I cared about more than I cared for myself .A real and amazing boyfriend who I admired and considered to be my role model.It was all glitter and glam when I met Tebogo ,ke gore tsatsi le letsatsi e le keresemose .I mean just by the name meaning Gratitude,I was most grateful to the good Lord for sending someone as dedicated,motivated and craving for a better future my way .

Just like any other Honeymoon phase,we would go on dates,kisses and more kisses ,holding hands ,to more I love you’s not forgetting late night chats,jokes as he was the funny one and a lot of sleepovers.Honestly speaking I would find myself reminiscing about what we did the other day or our late night chats.My heart was more than complete ,my better half came in creeping out of nowhere .I was all about Tebogo ,supported him in every single thing he did,his dream .He made me want to work hard to help provide the same way he did and I didn’t just want to be a pretty face , didn’t really want to rely in a man or get too comfortable and forget that I am also trying to reach my own goal .

Tebogo always made sure I was fed ,would pay for my cab ride to his house and back to my house ,paid for every single date we had .He would call me almost all the time even though I knew he didn’t like phone calls .Talk about an actual MAN “I thought”.Did I forget to tell you guys I met his family and nna the girl I thought i was within within not just within .

To be continued….